Gratifying the Royal Family Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Another Big Wedding [R18]

Yunfu arrived back just before Xu Mo’s big wedding. He visited the general’s residence and gave the medicine to Qian Mingxue.

Meeting before the wedding was not permitted. Even Yunfu could not go and see her so he slept very early after his tired journey.

Before dawn, she was roused from her dream to be adorned and dressed. She let them fiddle around with her as she no longer felt the urgency like the previous two times to get through the ceremony and enter the bridal room. The only thing was that the heavy phoenix crown made her breathless and her stomach was empty. She needed to wait until after the ceremony to eat and the snacks she had last night served no use at all.

She breathed a sigh of relief when the master of ceremonies announced it was now complete. She was then taken to the east room which was her own room.

After her marriage with Yunfu, Ji Rufeng had already allocated where each husband would live. There was naturally a place for him too but the love birds could not bear to be apart and they continued to share a bed together so Xu Mo lived in one room. Even the marital acts were allocated between themselves. She was truly sexually blessed and would never take the initiative to seek for pleasure. Fortunately, under the guidance of her two husbands, she came to understand how to give in and indulge.

Qian Mingxue drank a few cups of wine then immediately headed to the bridal chamber. Last night, not only did he receive Yunfu’s medicine but also erotic arts from his mother telling him to not to be too reckless as the princess’ body is weak. He was unwilling to look at these things but he relented and looked at them for a little while. He found them extremely disgusting and tossed them aside. At the military camps, the soldiers did not dare to jest with him but he had heard of their vulgar tales so he knew such things. Moreover, women seemed to love a powerful man and even though the princess may be delicate she was still a woman. Ji Rufeng and Yunfu are both very incredible but he was not bad either so he should not lose any points in front of her.

At this thought, he breathed in deeply and dismissed the servant then entered the inner room. There was a slight gentleness to his usual cool face.

The bride who was supposed to be on the bed waiting for him to lift the veil was sitting on the couch. One of her hand supported her veil while the other held a piece of lotus pastry and was eating with great delight.

She seemed to have sensed his presence and slowly put back the pastry then sat down in an upright manner. However in a moment later, she stood up again and wiped her mouth with a handkerchief.

Upon seeing her like this, Qian Mingxue found it particularly cute.

“I’ve already kicked the matron out so quickly lift the veil!” Xu Mo naively said.

Qian Mingxue also knew it had been some time but his brothers from the military camps did not easily let him go, “Princess I have made you wait.” He reached out his hand and lifted the veil to reveal a complexion even more beautiful than peonies* while his heartbeated rapidly.

*TL-note: The peony or paeony is a flowering plant in the genus Paeonia, the only genus in the family Paeoniaceae. They are native to Asia, Europe and Western North America.

Xu Mo immediately removed the heavy phoenix crown and placed it down on the old-fashioned square table then turned her stiff neck.

Qian Mingxue had never been a tender person but he did not bear to see her frown even though she still looked good. He lifted her up and sat down on the couch.

Xu Mo thought he was impatient and immediately started to blush. She did not struggle as she knew from experience it would evoke a man’s desire for victory and she would end up as the miserable one when the time comes. She had no choice but to go in circles, “We need to share the nuptial cup or else we will miss the auspicious time.”

Qian Mingxue did not know her thoughts and replied it would not delay the auspicious time. He reached out his hand and used his internal energy to massage her nape where each touch on her exceptionally smooth flesh was like a constant flame to her body.

After a period of time, he lifted her onto the bed and poured the wine himself. He secretly put the medicine into the cup and twirled it until it was fully dissolved before passing it to Xu Mo.

Xu Mo received it but did not smell anything and they shared the nuptial cup.

After a while, her face blushed red and her body became fiery hot.

Qian Mingxue looked at her and just as Yunfu said, the medicine and wine would take effect in a short period of time. He held on to her slim waist and pushed her down in the centre of the bed. In a swift movement of his hand, the red curtains fell followed by the red undergarments constantly being tossed out.

Xu Mo felt something was off with her body. She abnormally wanted a man’s touch yet her consciousness was clear and her body even trembled when he was only removing her clothes. Her voice uttered and she quickly bit down her lips, “I…think…there is something wrong with me.” These words should have been left unsaid as her charming sultry voice seemed to tightly grasp the man’s lifeline.

Qian Mingxue looked at the young lady beneath him. She seemed to be burning with lust while trying to maintain her sobriety. Her innocent shyness set a wildfire in his heart that burned increasingly vigorous as if to engulf him.

Only a single double embroidered mandarin duck dress was left on before one could see at all the secrets of the young lady. However, one could already imagine the touching scenery beneath the dress from her snowy tender neck and arms.

Qian Mingxue was cautious and afraid to scare her. He restrained his beastly desire and kissed her sweet flower petals lips.

Xu Mo already moved with passion eagerly welcomed his kiss like rain after a long drought. She skillfully stuck out her tongue to trace the outline of the man’s fine lips.

Qian Mingxue was an amateur but her touch immediately opened his eyes. He also stretched out his tongue and followed her small skilful tongue to suck incessantly from the top-quality wine.

A pair of arms hooked around the man’s neck and they stuck together even more tightly with a little force. Xu Mo had already forgotten to be reserved and let him kiss her however he wanted.

The many kisses slid down and finally, the last covering garment was taken off. Qian Mingxue, at last, saw the beautiful female body that could not be described by words.

Her body was very delicate that it begged to be cherished yet it was plump and erect with a slender waist like a water snake. She had a round bum with beautiful long legs which made anyone who saw her want to ruthlessly slam deeply into her. Who could have imagined such splendour was underneath those plain clothes. Additionally, due to their passion, her skin shone like it had a layer of gloss.

Xu Mo’s body seemed to be set on fire under his scorching gaze and made her honey pot flow constantly.

Qian Mingxue reached out and grabbed her bosom. The softness was like water yet there was also a touching warmth. His rough fingers kept kneading out various shapes while the young lady was unable to restrain her own voice and passion.

He bent down and sucked on the beautiful fruits. He sensed the violent tremble from the person underneath and began to suck as if he had finally found the right way.

Xu Mo’s eyes were attractively misty and her body felt desperately empty. However, his unhurried pace and groping foreplay made it increasingly hard for her to bear. She finally could endure it no longer and used both her legs to hook onto the man’s sturdy waist then pleaded, “Want me, Mingxue. Quickly give it to me.”

Qian Mingxue almost drowned when he looked at her flushed cheeks and watery eyes.

His big hands moved lower passed the flat abdomen and finally arrived at her tender secret garden.

Xu Mo’s body became even tighter from his touch and she arched her body towards him. She wanted more comfort and muttered, “Give me, quick……please stop torturing me.” She said this and kissed his throat.

Qian Mingxue could not withstand such temptation and his swollen lower body was about to explode.

He supported her body then moved his huge dragon to search for the place.

“Ah……no……it hurts.” The pain from the entrance of the head seemed to awake some of Xu Mo’s consciousness.

It had been some days since last time but now with this gifted man, she felt he would surely break her.

Qian Mingxue did not dare to move or penetrate deeper. He felt the tightness that wanted to suffocate him but he also did not want to part from this comfortable feeling.

The aphrodisiac* inside her body made her more easily passionate but since Qian Mingxue was a novice, she spread her legs even more so she could accommodate him. “You… it slowly.” Once she finished, her face was red as an apple as if all her courage up until now had been used on this man tonight.

*TL-note: An aphrodisiac or love drug is a substance that increases sex drive when consumed.

With her words, Qian Mingxue slowly entered. He moved very slowly and waited until she had adjusted to enter again. He had learnt patience from childhood but needless to say, this was the first time it was a little difficult.

Xu Mo saw the bulging veins on his forehead and could not bear it anymore then shut her eyes, “Do it!.”

He heard this and thought she no longer had an issue. So without any worry, Qian Mingxue penetrated into the young lady’s deepest part.

“Ah……” Xu Mo cried out in pain and dug her nails deep into the man’s back. She felt as if she had been split in half and her body trembled violently.

This must be due the gifted

It was too scary!

Qian Mingxue could no longer stand it. The sensation of the tightness wrapped around him made him a thousand times happier compared to a victorious battle.

He recalled back to the time when she saved him. She was as lovely as a flower but her hair was still up in two buns and still a child. Only a year had passed, she was now his wife and able to him such beautiful pleasure. The respect and love for her in his heart restrained his own violate nature so he moved slowly.

Although it was gentle enough but with such a large and strong body, Xu Mo was still somewhat uncomfortable. She became miserable and speechless when she thought about the future.

Even if she could not stand it, she must bear it because this could not be left unfinished. She could only adjust herself to adapt and fortunately the aphrodisiac was strong which made it easy for her.

Once he saw she had relaxed, Qian Mingxue could no longer restrain his violent movements and his Adam’s apple rolled up and down. An irrepressible sound came out of his throat and his waist movements became more and more rapid.

“Ah……slower……no……more……” Xu Mo lost herself completely as her waist moved to receive him yet the intensity also made her soul-shatter.

Qian Mingxue lowered his head to entangle with her lips. He never knew such a small body could be so unexpectedly alluring.

Xu Mo whimpered as he took a hold of her lips and tongue. She allowed him to occupy by her body while her beautiful legs wrapped around the man’s waist.

Qian Mingxue’s lower body moved non-stop as he kissed her unceasingly. He sucked deeply on the beautiful red fruit and listened to the young lady’s soft moan. His passion grew increasingly and he opened his mouth as if to swallow it all.

In a split second, Xu Mo’s hands lost all strength and she tightly grabbed on to the bedsheets underneath. Her lower body contracted and the love fluid continued to flow out from her passageway.

“Ah……” The man groaned in a muffled voice when his sturdy thing was squeezed. His eyes where dark and all rationality had already been cast away a long time ago. The force and depth his hot-blooded dragon penetrated her tight wet passageway increased with each thrust. Her insides were very narrow and hot as it continued to suck him in yet it was clear that she could barely contain him. With each thrust, his body trembled while each time he withdrew it was as if he fell to the valley floor. As it repeated, it was as if he was constantly passing back and through from heaven to hell.

The man’s first time did not last long but Xu Mo was left without a bit of strength and soft like a pool of water.

She sensed the huge thing below her body and marvelled at its rapid recovery. She could not help but beg for mercy, “Let me……rest, just……awhile……okay.”

When he heard these words, the man looked at her pitiful face and smirked. In the end, he still could not bear it and turned over to lie on her side.

Xu Mo finally sighed a breath of relief and slowed down her breathes as her lower body was very sore. It had always been like this before since she was smaller compared to other women and all her husbands are handsome like the one beside her right now.

She has already guessed that was aphrodisiac in her body and she is glad of it or else she would have surely died.

After a short while, Qian Mingxue could not allow her to sleep and directly charged inside.

“Ah……” Xu Mo screamed out. She found it hard to bear even with both of their fluids still present.

Qian Mingxue was shocked and suddenly paused but only for a short while. At this second, it was as tight as before and firmly bound him.

He figured she could accept him and naturally did not restrain himself. The urgent twitches from the passageway slowly spread to the rest of her body.

Accompanied by the man’s coarse pants and the young lady’s helpless low moan, the passageway rapidly contracted the walls to greedily swallow the monstrosity inside as if to forcibly expel him out.

“Relax, you pixie!*” Qian Mingxue’s eyes were red as he picked her up by the waist and ruthlessly slammed into her.

*TL-note: Definition of pixie can mean a usually petite vivacious woman or girl. 

“No……more……enough……enough……” The young lady was repeatedly knocked back and forth.

The man with the least bit of mercy became even wilder as if he wanted to impale her.

The red curtains swayed violently to make one wonder if it would fall apart. Under the light of the red candles, a vague glimpse of their love act could be seen.

Under the watery moon at midnight, the young lady was already exhausted and could barely open her eyes while the man moved unceasingly. The tender pink flower was already swollen to burst while their love fluid had turned into foam. Furthermore, more than half flowed down into several puddles. It could be easily seen from the scene how shocking their intercourse was.

Finally, the man came and slowly retreated away from the young lady’s body. A moment later, sticky whiteness obscenely flowed out from the flower centre and the man breathed heavily. He looked at her tired face and remembered his conduct. With remorse in his eyes, he said, “Come in, prepare the water.”

The servants had already waited a long time outside let out a sigh of relief. The great general was truly tremendous and could not refrain from the weak princess.

They entered to prepare water and did not dare to take any extra peeks.

When Qian Mingxue saw that they had left, he picked her up and walked past the screen towards the bathroom.

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